Added June 16, 2014

The puffy nippled, bubble butt sporting Betty is back at Give Me Pink. She enjoys an earth shattering orgasm with the Magic Fairy.

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Betty L

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fantastic! I defintiely want other videos with her!


With a cute face, well-shaped tits, and a huge ass, I must say Betty is very nice to look at. I’m not sure what color you would call her eyes, but damn, they are gorgeous. This might sound strange, but she does an amazing job of rubbing her body. Her movements are slow and sensual. You can tell she takes pleasure in her caresses. She even grinds her pussy on the chair, which earns this video bonus points. The emotion i get from her is that her mastubation feels good and she doesn’t need to fake it for the camera. I rate her potential as high. She seems restricted by her inexperience, and the fact this is a Give Me Pink video. However, she shows a tender pleasure and sensuality. The hard part is, can she deliver that same feeling in future videos? If this video is any indication, I believe she will. A keeper. - Civlor


Betty is a pretty girl-next-door and we get to watch as she gives herself some needed attention. She has a pretty face, yummy breasts and an mmmgood pussy. For this reviewer, her tight pussy is most memorable as she rides a clear blue didlo at 24:30. Her pussy lips grip the lucky dildo so tightly. Imagine what she would feel like riding your hard cock! At 25:10, she looks back toward the camera with a look of pleasure on her face. Nice! Another nice angle at about 26:30 as she's lying on her back working the the blue dildo into her tight and very wet pussy toward the bottom of the screen. Finally, she closes the video with some great views of her spread pussy. I love the way the camera practically caresses her body as it glides upward toward her stretched out frame, perky breasts and well-pleasured face and back to her lovely pussy as the scene fades out. 8/10 mmmgood


In this scene, Betty wears a racy outfit according with her attributes; a dress with a semi translucent back that starts showing her big ass while she moves. She really knows how to play with her outfit before getting naked. Previous to start pleasing herself, I really liked the part of the scene when she seats on the chair looking in front of the backrest exposing her ass and thighs while she makes slow moves; it makes you imagine how would it be fucking her in that position, I think that's the main porpoise of Give Me Pink, that the viewer use a little the imagination. But my favorite part of this scene is in where Betty is lying on the floor facing up with her ass on the corner of the couch [what a fantastic pose] giving her all the freedom to fuck herself hard. [-Ramon]


This is a typical GMP scene with an extremely cute new starlet named Betty. Although I normally don't watch solo scenes, this one caught my attention, because of Betty. Waugh, she is a babe. I hope that she will do b/g hardcore in the future. If so, I'd love to see her at AssTraffic. Mr_White (Eurobabeindex)


Betty has a dirty, cheeky look about her. Her complexion isn't flawless and she's had to go a bit OTT on the foundation but this simply adds to the scene... she has a great body and lovely, soft boobs and lazy nipples. There's a nice tease and she shows off her pussy and ass and it's 19:00 when the first dildo makes its appearance. There's a nice section at 25:40+ where she's using the bigger blue dildo. Wow, is she tight. You can see her pussy lips just about stretching to take it.

The magic wand comes out at 28:00+ and she works herself to an orgasm. Good scene if you like GMP and not too long, just about right. Would be great to see her on AllInternal. 7/10.